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  • For a look at where all the current Route 66 signs are located in Amarillo / Potter County here is an inventory map
Location of current Route 66 signage in Amarillo

HB 978 Texas Route 66 Historic Corridor
Signage Project

The following organizations have been ask to partner with the Old Route 66 Association of Texas to help in the process of planning and placing our new Texas Route 66 Historic Corridor signage that we are allowed under passage of House Bill 978 in Potter County, through the town of Amarillo, TX. The goal of this project is to develop and implement a comprehensive wayfaring plan so Route 66 travelers can make their way across the City of Amarillo without losing track of the Route!

Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council

                City of Amarillo

                Historic Route 66 Association of Amarillo

                San Jac Coalition

                Potter County, TX

                Oldham County, TX

                Wheeler County, TX

                TxDOT Amarillo District

                Texas Historical Commission

                West Texas A&M University

                State Representative Four Price
Texas May Follow Other States to Launch a Dedicated Route 66 License Plate Design

Thanks to the company My Plates there is the possibility that Texas might finally get a TEXAS ROUTE 66 License Plate!! They must have at least 200 people commit to buying a tag before they will produce any. So PLEASE read the information below and sign up if you would like to commit to buying one!

My Plates, the state's license plate vendor has opened a register your interest page for the proposed Route 66 plate design for Texas to determine market interest and appeal.


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